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2006 Volvo S40
Mileage: 121749
5 Days 11:34:55 Left
2010 Volkswagen GOLF
Mileage: 156513
10 Days 13:07:12 Left
Mileage: 138230
7 Days 02:21:35 Left
2002 Toyota CAMRY
Mileage: 201382
2 Days 14:39:59 Left
Mileage: 168369
6 Days 12:45:41 Left
2004 Honda PILOT AWD EX
Mileage: 132608
12 Days 01:51:31 Left
2001 Honda CIVIC
Mileage: 11125
7 Days 16:26:23 Left
2008 Honda ELEMENT
Mileage: 83916
4 Days 19:58:22 Left
Mileage: 47868
10 Days 20:54:44 Left
2010 BMW 3 SERIES 328I
Mileage: 76100
2 Days 14:27:29 Left
2007 Mazda CX-7
Mileage: 48691
11 Days 04:42:19 Left
2014 Ford FOCUS SE*
Mileage: 36990
5 Days 13:53:17 Left

Customers’ reviews

Michael S.

I could not find a suitable car for my daughter's 18th birthday for a long time. This is why I decided to search it on Mgautoauction.com. She told me she always wanted to own a black Mazda 6 and I bought it for her at a reasonable price.

Sept 14th 2015
Gabriel P.

The thing I like most about your service, is that you are customer-friendly and never refuse to help your users. I received an email with an exhaustive answer to all my questions.

May 2nd 2015
Andrew T.

I couldn't sell my Audi A6, as I hadn't enough time for it. My business takes too much time to spend it on car deals. I posted my car on this website and it was immediately sold out.

Nov 7th 2015

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